Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe made her presence known to a world where the lives of children were sacrificed in spiritual rituals to appease the gods. Our Lady of Guadalupe came into the world where married women were being raped by “missionary” soldiers of the Spanish crown. Our Lady of Guadalupe came to Juan Diego, a poor man … More Our Lady of Guadalupe

Social Justice for Hispanic Catholics

In Latino Catholicism Transformation in America’s Largest Church Timothy Matovina writes, “Collectively the four ministerial approaches advance the aspirations of grassroots evangelization, integration, outreach to immigrants, and building stronger structural links between Hispanics and the U.S. Catholic Church” (Matovina 154). These four factors can be used to assess the process of transmission of faith among … More Social Justice for Hispanic Catholics

Who are the Blessed?

The beatific vision is a gift of grace given by God where He reveals Himself through intuitive knowledge of His divine essence (Catholic Dictionary). Blessedness is associated with having the beatific vision. Blessedness is planted in the hearts of all human persons. “It is wonderful, however, since the will to obtain and retain blessedness is … More Who are the Blessed?

What does the Reptilian Brain have to do with the Holy Trinity?

According to St. Augustine, the inner man is differentiated from the outer man by his ability to reason. The ability to reason makes a human person different than animals. This abstract knowledge from the fourth century presented by St. Augustine is now backed up by science. According to the neuroscientist, Paul MacLean in his book … More What does the Reptilian Brain have to do with the Holy Trinity?