What will the Future Roman Catholic Church Look Like?

It is not surprising to any Catholic to hear that the Catholic Church is at one of its lowest points in its 2000+ year history. The sexual abuse of children in Pope Francis’s home country of Argentina is currently breaking forth this year. Argentina follows with the similar revelations of many other Catholic communities around … More What will the Future Roman Catholic Church Look Like?

What is Joy?

As we approach the holiday season, we hear the word “joy” more often. However, many people, including myself, have only a faint understanding of the true meaning of “joy.” Contrary to the popular opinion of those who are idealists, joy does not require one’s life to be in perfect condition. More often than not, joy … More What is Joy?

What is Faith?

In academic theological circles there are many complicated definitions of faith. However, the simplest definition of faith is commonly used by the Roman Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church uses real people to define faith. Today is the Feast Day for All Saints in the Catholic Church. Catholic Saints are people who demonstrated their faith in … More What is Faith?

The Pride of the Victim

Many Christian writers avoid addressing the sin of false humility. False humility in its most destructive form is the prideful suffering of one who is lost in a victim mindset. This week thousands of women have shared their stories of sexual abuse online. See the link: ME TOO Sharing these terrible secrets is empowering to victims and breaks the prideful victim mindset … More The Pride of the Victim

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe made her presence known to a world where the lives of children were sacrificed in spiritual rituals to appease the gods. Our Lady of Guadalupe came into the world where married women were being raped by “missionary” soldiers of the Spanish crown. Our Lady of Guadalupe came to Juan Diego, a poor man … More Our Lady of Guadalupe